Pre-Wedding rituals of an Indian bride

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Weddings in India are considered the most auspicious of all rituals. It is not only the union between a man and a woman, it is also the union between two families, and also sometimes between two different cultures. The amount of enthusiasm and pride with which it is carried out is worth much appreciation. Weddings in India are a spectacular sight, with color, lights, ceremonial garb and mouthwatering delicacies. It is almost impossible to miss the rituals that are performed prior to the wedding. Indian weddings are definitely big fat occasions when the entire clan of both the bride and bridegroom get together to be a part of the wedding as well as to bless the newlyweds. So yes, if you are aware of such a wedding, you can very well relate. But it’s okay if you’re coming across such a thing for the very first time. You have every opportunity to discover what Indian weddings are all about and this is exactly why you are on this page, reading this article.

The celebrations and the rituals begin a long time before the actual wedding day. The most joyous and busy time for the bride to be and her family is the preparatory time when the girl has to go through a series of activities, starting from the buying of jewelry to wedding apparels. This is also the time when you can definitely see the flush of happiness on the face of the girl. There is excitement and there is nervousness.

Hindu weddings have always been about rituals. One ritual follows another. The marriage is fixed; both the families agree upon a specific date for the wedding which is often done by the family astrologers of both the parties. So with the date fixed, celebrations begin. We can say the actual fun begins. Next, comes in the engagement ceremony. Well, this is the most important pre-wedding ritual. The engagement takes place a few months before the wedding. The engagement aids the further development in the marriage. The exchange of rings takes place on this day. Earlier it used to be elders of the families who were entitled to do this task but in modern day the bride and the groom exchange rings. There is also an exchange of gifts and sweets along with a celebration.

Indian weddings are not complete without music and dance. That is exactly what happens in the Sangeet and Mehendi rituals. Sangeet, as the term implies is held specifically for dancing, singing, and frolicking. So yes, if you can picture this, there is loud music, there are people dancing, there is food (a plethora of dishes) and everybody just comes closer. The significance, of course, is that the relatives staying far and near, meet and together be a part of the bride and her family’s happiness.

The Mehendi is another interesting ritual. The Mehendi (the henna paste) is applied on the hands of the bride. There is a belief that the darker the color of henna grows, the deeper will be the love and affection of the husband towards his wife. Not only the bride but also the young girls and ladies of the family apply Mehendi on their hands.

Another ritual, the Haldi ritual is also performed in which Haldi (turmeric paste) is applied on the body of the bride. This takes place just before the wedding. The bride is seated on the Mandap (the place where the entire wedding takes place) and the ladies gather around her and apply Haldi. No wonder there is a bit of nudging and teasing of the bride by the older ladies. To sum everything up the pre-wedding rituals of an Indian bride is definitely the most exciting part of the wedding. She actually prepares herself for a new life during this period.

The wedding day is a very important day in the life of a girl. She eventually gets to live all her fantasies and the real version of all the fairy tales she has ever come across. There is definitely a moment when she gets emotional and breaks down and that is because she goes over to a different place, to a new family, away from her parental home. The emotional and ceremonial components of the Indian wedding are what make it unique. With time, a few traditions have evolved with modification. A few rituals prominent in certain culture have been adopted by other sections of the society too.

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